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Valtrex is one of the best modern antiviral drugs. It is prescribed to patients of 2 years of age and older to treat simple or genital herpes. Valtrex is also used to prevent the recurrence of these viral diseases.

Timely drug therapy will allow you to get rid of lesions of skin and mucous membranes of the lips, caused by the herpes simplex virus, in just one week. Symptoms of genital herpes disappear about 10 days after the first Valtrex dose used.

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The active ingredient of Valtrex is Valacyclovir. This antiviral agent inhibits the synthesis of viral DNA, thanks to which the microorganisms lose their ability to reproduce.

The main purpose of Valtrex use is healing of skin lesions and achieving an inactive stage of the disease. Secondary goals of using this antiviral drug are:

  • decrease in the frequency and severity of herpes relapses;

  • maintenance of adequate functioning of the immune system;
  • reduction of the healing period of skin lesions, resulting from the herpes virus;
  • weakening of the expression or a decrease in the duration of itching, irritation or redness of the skin, caused by a viral disease.

Valtrex is produced in the form of caplets, which contain 500 mg or 1000 mg of the active ingredient Valacyclovir. As a rule, caplets are taken whole. Patients with dysphagia can make a suspension for oral administration, by crushing Valtrex caplets into powder.

Patients are advised to start taking Valtrex as soon as possible after they were diagnosed with a viral disease. The earlier the antiviral therapy begins, the faster itching, burning, skin rashes and/or other unpleasant herpes symptoms will disappear.


Different therapeutic doses of Valtrex are prescribed to effectively treat various forms of viral disease.

  • In labial herpes - 2 Valtrex 1000 mg caplets twice a day.
  • In herpes zoster - 1 Valtrex 1000 mg caplet three times a day.
  • In a primary episode of genital herpes - two Valtrex 500 mg caplets per day.

Valtrex helps to get rid of the labial herpes in a day. Patients with shingles should take this antiviral drug for one week.

The duration of the drug treatment of the primary episode of genital herpes is 10 days. Valtrex should be started within the first 3 days after the onset of symptoms of this type of viral infection. If you start the antiviral therapy later, it will be ineffective.

For an effective treatment of genital herpes, it is necessary to strictly follow Valtrex dosing regimen. Delay in administration or a missed dose can lead to a decrease in the effective concentration of the antiviral drug in your blood and a repeated reproduction of pathogens.

The use of Valtrex for preventive or suppressive therapy of genital herpes is indicated, if patient has more than 6 episodes of exacerbations per year. At the first sign of a recurrent viral infection, 500 mg of Valtrex should be taken once a day.

For suppressive therapy, the duration of Valtrex use ranges from 3 months to 1 year, after which the treatment is interrupted to assess the natural course of the disease.

Side effects

Patients on Valtrex rarely complain of adverse reactions. Only 1 in 10 patients, taking this antiviral drug, may experience headache, nausea, or abdominal pain. Very rarely, Valtrex can cause hypersensitivity reactions, such as skin eruptions, rash or urticaria.

Valtrex in pregnancy

Until now, the problem of optimal treatment of genital herpes during pregnancy remains urgent. The attending physician may prescribe Valtrex to a pregnant woman only if the benefits of its use exceed potential risks.

The results of clinical trials demonstrate that the daily use of Valtrex 500 mg by women in the last week of pregnancy significantly reduces the risk of herpes transmission to the fetus. Nevertheless, the question of prescription of this antiviral drug to pregnant women remains open.