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Ventolin - (Albuterol)

Ventolin is the drug of choice in the treatment of bronchial asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. This bronchodilator promotes rapid expansion and increase in airway permeability. Thus, Ventolin helps improve respiratory mechanics and relieve bronchospasm within 15 minutes after use.

Valtrex (Valacyclovir)

A modern approach to the treatment of herpes involves the use of an antiviral drug with a proven clinical efficacy - Valtrex. This drug helps to quickly and effectively get rid of herpes, and achieve impressive results of antiviral therapy.


Accutane drug for skin care in people with skin problems. Learn how to restore the natural and healthy face brightness and make your skin radiant with Accutane. A few simple steps to solve serious skin problems without laser correction and chemical peels. Accutane is the optimal combination of efficiency, safety and ease of use.

Aldara Cream (Imiquimod)

Quite recently, a new drug Aldara Cream (Imiquimod) appeared at the doctors’ disposal. The drug belongs to the class of modern immune response modifiers and can become an alternative to surgical treatment of such diseases, as genital warts, actinic keratosis and basal cell skin cancer.


Antabuse interacts with alcohol and causes repulsive reactions. It starts working right after the first dose. Unpleasant sensations occur within 10-15 minutes after the alcohol consumption. Compliance with the recommendations for Antabuse use and help from family and friends will increase the effectiveness of alcohol dependence treatment.


The non-nicotine Chantix drug stops cravings for smoking and alleviates the symptoms of nicotine withdrawal. Chantix helps quit smoking without stress, nervousness and discomfort. However, when a smoker does not have a steady motivation to give up nicotine, the chances to quit smoking fast will be low. Chantix can be used as part of a curative treatment program for nicotine addiction or as the only help for stopping smoking.

Flagyl - Metronidazole

Flagyl penetrates all tissues of the body and destroys the DNA of only microbial cells. Different dosing regimens for Flagyl are used to treat different types of infections. This drug has several advantages that distinguish it from other medications for the treatment of infectious diseases.

Lasix  - Furosemide

Lasix is ​​a powerful oral diuretic that is used for the initial therapy of high blood pressure. Lasix effectively reduces pressure in the blood vessels, and extends the possibilities for the prevention and treatment of cardiovascular diseases and concomitant complications.


Luvox is prescribed for OCD therapy in children and adults. This antidepressant helps break the tyranny of obsessive compulsive thinking and improve the patient's quality of life. Luvox helps to successfully control the symptoms of OCD, reduces the risk of motor tics and prevents anxious thoughts.

Metformin - Glucophage

Metformin is prescribed when non-pharmacological methods of glycemic control are insufficient to maintain a normal blood sugar level. To effectively restore and manage the glycemic balance, you must comply with the recommendations for Metformin use and its dosing regimen.


Neurontin oral capsules, tablets or solution are prescribed to treat certain types of epileptic seizures. Neurontin is also used to relieve the pain syndrome, caused by postherpetic or diabetic neuropathy. Neurontin can affect the behavior of children and adults. Therefore, this anticonvulsant should be used with caution in patients with behavioral disorders.


Nolvadex helps slow the progression of adenocarcinoma and prevent the development of tumor diseases. High efficacy and safety make Nolvadex one of the best oral medications for long-term antiestrogen therapy.


Prednisone has an anti-inflammatory effect. This steroid hormone helps to quickly relieve the symptoms of osteochondrosis, arthritis, gout, asthma and other inflammatory diseases. Compliance with the dosing schedule of Prednisone helps to reduce the risks of adverse reactions and increase its effectiveness.


Pristiq is an antidepressant that effectively reduces the symptoms of depression, improves mood and increases the level of social activity. Pristiq helps to quickly improve the patient's mental status and prevents relapses of major depressive disorder. Pristiq does not cause serious side effects, so it can be used for long-term maintenance therapy of depression.

Proventil Asthma Inhaler

Aerosol metered-dose inhaler Proventil is the basis of the bronchial asthma treatment for different groups of patients. To quickly get rid of the bronchi spasm, you need to use Proventil correctly. Incorrect use of the inhaler contributes to an overdose and a decrease in its clinical effect.


Prozac quickly brings back the joy of life, restores emotional balance, helps get rid of anxious thoughts and depressed mood. Prozac is one of the few antidepressants that have proven efficacy and safety in treating depression in children and adolescents.