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Luvox is considered one of the best oral medications for treating the obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Its effectiveness is higher than the effectiveness of behavioral therapy, and it is the best complement to the psychotherapeutic methods of controlling the symptoms of OCD.

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Luvox helps to quickly reduce OCD symptoms by increasing serotonin levels in the brain. Already in the first weeks after the start of Luvox use, patient with OCD notices that:

  • Obsessive thoughts, images and phobias disappear
  • Mental status improves
  • Social activity increases

Luvox can be prescribed for adults or children older than 8 years with acquired OCD, or with a genetic predisposition to this mental illness.

This antidepressant can be used both for monotherapy of OCD and in combination with:

  • Other psychiatric drugs
  • Cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy
  • Modern clinical hypnosis

The effects of this antidepressant on the human body are well studied. The therapeutic effect of Luvox is predictable, even though it is not achieved immediately after the start of treatment.

  • Significant reduction in symptoms of OCD is observed 2-5 days after the initiation of the drug therapy.
  • The optimal anti-obsessive effect of Luvox is achieved within 2-3 weeks of drug therapy.

It is worth noting that the treatment of OCD should not be limited to using Luvox alone. If OCD symptoms occur regularly, you should consult with a psychiatrist periodically. The physician can recommend additional psychotherapeutic treatments that will allow you to quickly cut the OCD symptoms and effectively prevent their reappearance.

The scheduling of dosing and the selection of an adequate Luvox dose is based on a thorough analysis and assessment of the mental illness severity. This approach to dose selection can significantly reduce the risk of Luvox adverse reactions, as well as maximize the effectiveness of drug therapy.

In the first 4-7 days, patients should take one Luvox 50 mg tablet at bedtime. If the required anti-obsessive effect was not achieved, the daily dose should be gradually increased.

  • The daily dose of this antidepressant is increased by 50 mg approximately every 5 days.
  • The maximum recommended dose of Luvox is 300 mg.
  • Doses greater than 100 mg are better divided into 2 intakes, and taken at approximately the same intervals.
  • If single doses of Luvox are not equal, the smaller of them is better taken in the morning.

Low doses of this antidepressant are recommended for the treatment of OCD in children and adolescents older than 8 years. The initial pediatric dose of Luvox is 25 mg. The maximum dose for children under the age of 11 is 200 mg, over 11 years - 300 mg.

The duration of Luvox use can be more than 6 months. It should be noted that girls often require lower doses of this antidepressant than boys to achieve the anti-obsessive effect.

A sharp cessation of a Luvox course can cause withdrawal symptoms, such as irritability, dizziness, or sweating. As a rule, the listed adverse events are mild or moderate.

Withdrawal symptoms usually manifest within 2-3 days after the treatment discontinuation. Their intensity depends on the treatment duration and the rate of the daily dose decrease.

The use of minimally effective Luvox doses reduces the risks of withdrawal symptoms, yet it does not exclude them completely. If very high doses of Luvox were used to treat OCD, the total daily dose should be reduced gradually.

Possible adverse reactions that can manifest during the use of Luvox tablets include tachycardia, abdominal pain, or loss of appetite. The most common side effect of Luvox is nausea, which can appear during the first 14 days of treatment or with an increase in daily dosage.

The results of Luvox benefit/risk assessment prove that this antidepressant is the safest and most effective in the treatment of OCD. Patients, who take Luvox in accordance with the doctor's recommendations, get rid of OCD symptoms faster, than patients who neglect counseling.