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Chantix is ​​an innovative drug that helps to successfully fight with nicotine addiction. This drug quickly reduces the need for nicotine and facilitates physical and mental dependence on the consumption of tobacco products.

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Chantix helps get rid of nicotine dependence in two ways.

  1. First, it blocks the access of nicotine to the receptors of the brain and thus reduces the pleasure from smoking.
  2. Secondly, it reduces nervousness, discomfort and other anxiety symptoms, caused by a sharp rejection of nicotine.

The double effect of Chantix increases the chances of a smoker to successfully quit smoking, and also reduces the risk of smoking resumption after the treatment discontinuation. When a smoker uses Chantix, he stops getting the same pleasure from nicotine, and it becomes much easier for him to get out of the habit and refrain from smoking cigarettes.

To successfully cure nicotine dependence, it is important to follow the Chantix dosing regimen. Each missed dose reduces the effectiveness of the treatment and increases the likelihood that the smoker will not be able to overcome the harmful addiction to inhaling the tobacco smoke.

Chantix tablets are for oral use only. They must be taken daily, regardless of meals.

Drug therapy for nicotine dependence begins about 7 days before the expected date of total quitting. To increase the effectiveness of treatment, it is important to adhere to the following Chantix dosing regimen:

  • In the first 3 days of therapy, take one tablet of Chantix 0.5 mg once a day.
  • From the 4th to the 7th day, patient should take 1 mg of Chantix per day, divided into two equal doses.
  • From the 8th day of therapy, the daily dose of Chantix should be increased to 2 mg, divided into two intakes.

The average duration of pharmacotherapy for nicotine dependence is 12 consecutive weeks. If patient fails to quit smoking after the end of Chantix course, he can go through the second course of treatment for nicotine addiction.

The duration of the repeated Chantix course depends on the severity of risk factors that interfere with quitting smoking. Difficult financial and life situations make it difficult to refuse smoking. Therefore, emotionally unstable people are ​​recommended to take Chantix longer than people with a stable motivation and high willpower.

Repeated drug therapy of nicotine dependence should be started only after consulting a doctor. If the first experience of Chantix use was unsuccessful, doctor can prescribe for the second stage of treatment Chantix tablets in combination with motivational therapy.

It should be noted that Chantix causes unwanted effects in some smokers. As a rule, they manifest at the initial stage of nicotine addiction treatment and usually have a mild transient character.

Frequent side effects of Chantix are nausea or vomiting. To reduce the intensity of these adverse reactions, Chantix tablets should be taken after meals and washed down with plenty of fluids.

  • If Chantix is ​​used in combination with nicotine-containing medications, the smoker may experience constipation or headaches.
  • If treatment of nicotine addiction is carried out concurrently with the treatment of diabetes or antiplatelet therapy, Chantix should be taken with caution.

Despite the fact that Chantix can cause unwanted side reactions, it still remains the first line drug for nicotine replacement therapy. The results of clinical studies prove that Chantix has a high efficacy and safety in the treatment of tobacco dependence.

Chantix helps to quit smoking fast and significantly reduces the risk of nicotine withdrawal. It is not addictive, and increases the likelihood of a successful cessation of smoking by several times.